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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Wait...The LA Nintendo Switch Event Happens After It's Released?

Uh-oh. I guess Nintendo of America didn't plan that out very well or something else fell apart because March 5 is when the good folks of LA can try out the Nintendo Switch on the North American Tour. Nintendo Switch will be avaible for purchase on March 3rd. So someone waiting in line for the free event could be playing on their Nintendo Switch. Irony of irony!

I'm sure you'll be able to try games yet to be released and get some cool goodies from going, hopefully t-shirts, but it's still a little sad we get it after places like San Fran and Washington D.C.. Oh,, and that you could either own it or go to a friends house to try it.

For details on the free LA event stay tuned here.
Switch and Play Events
It's going to be first come first allowed in with lines only being allowed so early.