Tuesday, January 10, 2017

We're Getting The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

After other cities fumbled we scored a touchdown with the The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. Hmmm, that's a horrible analogy.

We just blew up the Death Star everyone, we scored one for the Rebel Alliance as we get the The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. Eat it San Fran!

It is the same Lucas who created Star Wars, managed to somehow make the prequels awful and eventually sold-out to Disney so that he could do whatever he wants. One of those things he wanted was to make a Narrative Art Museum. Forget lasting legacies in children, right George? One of your daughters is a pro fighter...because every Dad wants their daughter to be a pro fighter.

Build the museum faster, before I die. I have no cool children!
-George Lucas

So in the next few years, we're going to have quite the collection of posh museums that I'll be covering from or possibly be drinking at during "charity events." Sweet, sweet charity events.

The main focus you'll be seeing on the local news will be the $billion to make and that it'll look all futuristic cool right in Exposition Park.

If you're asking, "Is that the same park at USC with all the other museums?" Why, yes, yes it. So be prepared for traffic in whatever year it gets finished and the years before as construction may take quite a while.

What's Narrative art, you may also ask. It's just art that tells a story, unlike many of the over-rated museums here in LA where art evokes feelings or thoughts by you looking at it and you can connect to in on your own level or get to know the artist's feeling behind IT, what a bunch of garbage. That means media like film, animation and illustration are welcome. So maybe some more relevant art shows for people who didn't take an art class in college, like the Del Toro and Tim Burton exhibit will pop up...hopefully.

There's a very funny piece, because it's off by a day over at Cartoon Brew titled The People Who Won’t Let George Lucas Build A Narrative Art Museum Are Idiots