Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ni Hao Lunar New Year @ Universal Studios

With lanterns flowing in the wind and beautiful red surrounding the plaza...wait is Megatron speaking Mandarin? Yes, yes, he was, because Universal Studios Hollywood is celebrating the Lunar New Year. Between now and Feb 5, Universal is celebrating the year of the rooster as part of the Lunar New Year with some special events. We headed over to see what the park looks like in this special festive mood.

When you enter the park just look for all the red and be transported to an idyllic photo spot, a piazza of red lanterns and a beautiful center plum blossom arch. It's a nice area to drop out to the busy flow of park.

Inside you'll be able to take photos with a Mandarin speaking Megatron and other colorful characters including Curious George and Woody Woodpecker in Chinese style clothing. Also, Kung Fu Panda stars, Po and Tigress.

Take a second a write down a wish for the new year and attach it to one of the surrounding trees. My favorite wish I spotted was, "Don't give up all my time to Netflix." Just take the provided pen and paper and write down your own wish for the new year.

You can find your animal and year with the surrounding banners, go year of the Tiger!

If you happen to be visiting from China the park does have a Studio Tour in Mandarin so you can enjoy learning about movies and TV shows made here and the studio's history. You'll see the already old by our standards King Kong section of the ride as a new King Kong comes out this year. Then be blown away by the Fast and Furious section.

For locals and newcomers the parks undergone some amazing new additions with The Walking Dead attraction, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and more of Springfield be build out for The Simpsons Ride. So check it out and even catch a film at the newly refurbished theater at Citywalk.

Universal Studios Hollywood Celebrates Lunar New Year
January 21 to February 5
The event is included in the price of theme park admission