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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The 2017 Indoguration Jan 20

Not a a red power tie because KevCap is lazy
If not protesting in the streets here in LA, why not watch the charming Puppy Bowl version of the election, The 2017 Indoguration. From the good folks of The Attack-the show you've never heard of on Twitch, but should start watching- comes a bunch of animals dressed like politicians making fun of Trump's inauguration.

The 2017 Indoguration
Start Time // 6:30am Pacific
Indoguration  9:00 AM Pacific
Watch it here &

Watch as Dognald J. Trump (a cute, dumb pug) becomes dog President with other furry version named constituents like Hillary Kitten, Paw Ryan, Vincente Foxtail, and Catamir Putin.

Is this a dumb idea, oh yeah, but it beats watching the real thing and being all sad.

If an animal fan you'll be donate to a animal shelters too. So you can at least say you did something that day other than hold up traffic.