Friday, January 6, 2017

One Piece Film Gold Review A One Piece Procedural Drama? Nah, Just Crazy One Piece

In the Marine justice system, pirate based offenses are considered especially heinous. On the Grand Line, the dedicated Marines who investigate these vicious pirates are members of an elite squad known as CP9. These are their stories.

Nah, it's action, action, action set in a Las Vegas that could only exist in the One Piec-e-verse covered in G-O-L-D.

One Piece Film Gold will be hitting theaters around the US of A next week thanks to Funimation and for a fan of the series it's a must. Think of it as sort of like a Bar/Bat Mitvah and you're getting paid, because this film loves gold to a sick degree.

-Not sure if there was a mandate after Gold Frieza that all villains got to role shiny and expensive, but it seems like it's the way bad guys are going in movies right least in Japan.

We had the chance to go to the North American Premiere in West Hollywood at the Pacific Design Center where those in attendance go to have a fun gambling night after party. We bet it would have been fun if you could have gone too as your chips, given to you free, turned into raffle tickets to win fun prizes at the end.

Back on the film itself; a film so shiny it's almost hard to look away and not a bad way like a car accident. One Piece Film Gold has a fun story on its own joined by a wonderful place to get lost in and some brand new bad guys to love to hate. You have that rolled into a movie that builds and builds to an insane ending well worth going out for.

One Piece Film: Gold
is playing at multiple theaters Jan 10-17

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One Piece Film: Gold features the full Straw Hat crew trying to score big at the Gran Tesoro, a floating ship/hotel/country/ Las Vegas like land ruled by Gild Tesoro. This guy is both king and head entertainer of his own island paradise. After being shown the sights the crew gets embroiled in another deadly game with high stakes. This adds a bit of a gambling, spying and over-the-top-action that only One Piece can produce with a film animation budget.


You see Gild Tesoro is crooked as a British's persons teeth without Obamacare. Though the Gran Tesoro looks like a paradise, you can think of it as more a giant prison for everyone working the craps tables. Tesoro tricks you into believing you can win, makes you lose it all and then you pay back your debt...forever as a slave. That's what happens to Luffy when he tries to go in for a high stakes game of simple roll of the dice. He loses big has to pay back millions in berries or Zoro gets executed.

What's holding Luffy back and the rest of the crew is Tesoro's Devil Fruit powers, as you may have guessed, it's a power overgold. Luffy and the rest of the crew and the rest of Gran Tesero have themselves coated in it, so make a move and your a gold statue.

So take your Zoro piece off the board and here comes new player Carina. Starting off a a stage singer working for Tesoro, Carina's got a plan to steal Tesoro's treasure, giving some to the Straw Hat crew to pay off their debts with a lot of change and grab back their swordsman. However, Carina has some bad blood with Nami as they both were thieves and didn't part on great terms.

The crew is now split on stealing treasure in a Ocean's Eleven, spy-sort off mission. This is taking to strange degrees only One Piece could take up.

Yet, everything isn't what it seems as Luffy and his crew have to have one hell of a giant insane battle where each of them shines...though not as much as the giant golden Gild Tesoro! It's going to be one hell of a fight for you to see Luffy, who's got skills we haven't gotten to in the English dub, go all out to take out this literal towering golden titan.

End of spoilers

Gild Tesoro isn't the only baddie, but he'll stay with you as psychotic messed-up lunatic that's gone gold in all the wrong areas. He's got some great new baddies for the crew to take on. From the vivacious Bacarat who has luck powers to the strange sentiments of Dice who likes to be hurt; what a freak and Tanaka who can pass through any non-living material the crew has a lot to contend with. And they do just that in the ending battle.

The dub has you just loving the new villains with their weird or sexy patterns of speech-Baccarat- with the familiar voices of the crew. Just hearing  Luffy speak as dumb as he is with the rest of the crew just being themselves has you right back in the series and the crew you've sailed with.

What changes in the glittering grandness of Grand Tesoro. The movie shares a whole chunk of time just exploring the gambling land on the board. Even justifying a ludicrous race throughout the city. This is what Las Vegas would look like on steroids and you can see plenty of nods to the Nevada based city in the design of Tesoro.

One of my favorite additions to the strange Flinstone like animals/appliance were the Muscle Turtles. Without them, there wouldn't be a way for cars to work, and darn it, you'll get a laugh out of hearing them say, 'Turtle,' repeatedly like a Pokemon.

So for a One Piece adventure the ventures into new shiny gold waters it's well worth your time if a fan of just wanting an outing in the open seas we call theaters.