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Monday, January 2, 2017

Resident Evil Steelbook Blu-rays at Best Buy

Just in time for the last film in the series, unless it makes enough money to justify a sequel is special edition Resident Evil Steelbook Blu-rays at Best Buy. I recently watched all the original films in order over Winter break and they still don't make sense after the second movie. When one person asks how can the movies go on when the world ended the other says lets make another Maze Runner film, I mean Resident Evil movie.

Anyway, do cool things happening in films 3-5, possible reason to buy. Me, I just like all that Umbrella Corporation stuff.

Each Blu-ray will be $17.99 and out 1/17/17 and comes with up to $7.50 in movie cash to see Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, because Sony doesn't have high hopes for it. It's coming out in January.

via BloodyDisgusting