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Friday, October 3, 2014

Metro Will Have Dumb Station Names

Zev Yaroslavsky and Gloria Molina, two of our current LA City Council, have such huge egos that there names will be used for already finished station names. Neither is dead, nor stepping down, they just want their names on everything they can in LA. That includes the North Hollywood/Zev Yaroslavsky station and the East Los Angeles Civic Center/Gloria Molina station. The renaming changes, just to each station, could go up to $8,000 each, that doesn't include the cost on maps, brochures and other printed materials. There is absolutely no reason to change those names other than they simply have the power to do so as they sit on the Metro council too.

Hopefully, with your support you can write to Metro and amend these names to their correct meaning North Hollywood/Zev Yaroslavsky Sucks station and East Los Angeles Civic Center/Gloria Molina Smells station. Please, think of your own and tell them.

Just e-mail them below and with your support the correct names will be put up.
[email protected]

via LA Times