Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Halloween Hot Sauce, I Thirst For It

Though the owner never got around to sending us a free sample or having a bottle being part of a contest on the site we can tell you that this is are yearly must have. When Halloween comes to town we can only think of eating meat at our annual Blood BBQ. While gulping down guts we need seasoning, we need taste, we need hot sauce. Hot Sauce that comes in a coffin. Coffin or without, though we highly recommend the very delicious, always all gone at the end of the BBQ hot sauces.

Victor, The Undertaker makes the sauces, supposedly from chiles used on the ground of a cemetery".  Spider Venom, Bloody Bat House and Grinning Skull Sauce our the top chocies, we left over Halloween Hot Sauce 2013 still being sold

These bad boys can't be bought anywhere in LA, they're only found online.You editor-in-chief sticks with Spider Venom for it's mild, but garlicly tast, while Murder LA's James Cohen will probably guzzle all of the Grinning Skull Sauce, any other human would burn to death... is he human?

The best payoff might be the look. A real gourmet item for Halloween. Not a genereic label with some cheesy added monsters, a brand that fully embraces horror and Halloween.

If you buy the hot sauces in coffins you'll get a toe-tagged bottle stuffed inside of a tiny coffin with a tiny burial cloth that smells like wormwood. It's a product that goes all out for whatever Halloween event you have planned and each hot sauc has a savory taste that they'll have your friends acting like zombies over brains for that added taste.

Halloween Hot Sauce does sell out before Halloween, orders can't make it if rushed last minute. So if you have a party in mind, order early!