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Monday, March 10, 2014

Sparks Special(?) Screening March 14

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Superhero films have been flying high on the sliver screen and now more independent studios are getting into the action. Sparks, the brand new super hero film based on a indie comic is having a "special"screening March 14 at the NoHo 7, with special guests before going on demand and online. It comes from Sideshow Productions and Catastrophic Comics which don't have much radar. The film looks as good as a SyFy channel movie with some background actors and special effects begging to be put down. The trailer is cut so badly posting it would ruin the film for anyone who wants to be mildly surprised.

The film stars Chase Williamson (John Dies At The End) as the severely beaten-down hero Ian Sparks and his fellow hero and love interest Ashley Bell (The Last Exorcism) as Lady Heavenly. Heavenly and Sparks get torn apart by the serial killer known as Matanza played by William Katt. Sparks must put together a team to take down Matazana with the help from Clancy Brown (Highlander) playing a cop also hurt by Matanza.

Clancy Brown a long with the rest of the style, look and B-listers make the pictures outcome look like a minimal blip on superhero set of films slated to come out. Clancy Brown might be the best voice of Lex Luthor; for live action though he just doesn't cut it. Same goes for what the trailer showed of an independent film that might need it's directors to go back to film school for another semester or having given the title a look not so much like what goes straight to DVD.

The cast of the film including Ashley Bell, William Katt and Clint Howard will be at the screening for a Q & A after the film/

Sparks "Special" Screening
March 14 7pm

Available on ITUNES, DVD and ON DEMAND March 18th

William Katt, Ashley Bell, and Clint Howard signs SPARKS (comic) at Blastoff Comics on Wednesday March 15th from 3:00 till 6:00 pm!
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