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Monday, January 23, 2012

UCLA Has A Japanese Garden?

Or did. It's seems there's a secret garden, a secret Japanese Garden called Hannah Carter Japanese Garden. It's located a mile away from the prestigious college and well UCLA wants to sell it for some quick cash, because there saying times are tough, even with all the money that students give already.

It's  huge garden and requires special reservations to even go to it, but it was/is free. Only two parking spots allow for private views for one hour. It saddens me to learn about it during the time it might be sold and is shut down. I'm really amazed UCLA can't figure out a system of maintaining it or having students help out at it, maybe if it's so close be part of a course or something. Who wouldn't want Japanese studies in such a spacious area? Also they could rent it out for Hollywood like every other institution in LA. Every school I've been to from elementary has been used to film something.

The Carter's, the family descended from the people who gave the money for the garden, were outraged that they weren't contacted by UCLA about the situation. The deal for giving UCLA the money for the garden wa that it maintain the gardens forever. But now UCLA doesn't care to keep promises for people who have shown kindness in the past and given them money.

It's sad to hear about it shutting down at the Huntington's Japanese Garden is set to re-open in April and just visting the somewhat old, simple titled Japanese Garden on Woodley. Those are far from UCLA.

Hopefully, someone buys it to preserve it and get a nice tax write-off, if not, it might be destroyed for a rich person's private water slide park.

Damn, it looks beautiful. They should at least aloow people to visit it before it's sold.

more info on the garden and how you might help