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Monday, January 30, 2012

Vita Hill Social Club LA?

Wait, wait no one told me about this and I, dammit anyway you can just go Vita Hill Social Club here in LA at this location 2803 Main St., Santa Monica, CA 90405 and they'll hand you a PS Vita to play and try games for free. Also, free food and drink?

I'm somewhat confused as times aren't up and you can't call the place. Also, I remember posting about the Vita Clubs opening in other cities, but not LA (guess I was wrong), so I guess Sony added us or something. It's just weird, because I haven't  heard of this on any other site about LA.

Also, Jo Garcia while beautiful should not be talking that much in the above video, that was a poor choice. It seems her face was stretched so much it's affected the way she talks.

Anyway so tournaments and other fun stuff has been going on there already, I believe IGN prime people got to go for a closed event.

So I guess head down there and put a post about times in comments, while I e-mail Sony to know more about times.