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Friday, January 27, 2012

Toy Hype: Bad Toys

 Just some random toys I've seen online or in my adventures. Pokemon Pot isn't some sort of new type of item to give to your Pokemon to chill out, but some sort of mini trash can adorned with a Pokemon head.
 Hasbro... what the Hell? Dive Attack Spider-man with flippers and Stealth Ninja Spider-Man both awful ideas. Spider-man looks more like a samurai or paladin knight then a ninja and why is he a ninja? MAKING QUICK CASH IS WHY! But the Bakugan Vs Marvel has to be the dumbest decision ever from Marvel. Who asked for Lumagrowl and Red Skull? Who? No one did. No one Hasbro. Please fire whoever did this. Also, why only Red Skull, such and odd choice.

 Amazing to see Bandai toys having virtual reality toy packaging. It still amazes me that it's anime division here is dead, but it's toy division is fine and unaffected by that loss. Bandai seems like a retarded company in that way. I just think corporate just never cared enough and that's why things went bad for Bandai Entertainment.  via

 Almighty Heroes is a line of bible heroes with partial stories from the bible included. I find it very odd the direction they went with Moses. BTW this toy line doesn't seem to have enemies to fight against.
Oh, little version of Moss from THE IT Crowd, you made an excellent Human Centipede out of lego people.