Thursday, January 26, 2012

Futurama Monopoly Review

Futurama Monopoly Collector's Edition $40

Good news everyone! You can get your Futurama loving hands on Futurama Monopoly.  Your damn dirty primitive hands can hold Bender's head or the Planet Express Ship as you careen through the universe of the game board. I've been to the future and the future is monopoly.

My friends and if your my friends you should stop calling me those things and stealing my wallet. I had to play Futurama Monopoly with friends. Not like attaching people hands to cats like you do, real friends. So I invited them over in that every side of the board had a non-cat behind it, and damn it we had fun.

As one friend suggested we watch Futurama in the background on a low level of sound, I told him to cram it, as I just watched the entire last season in preparation of playing the game. Yet, he wasn't dismayed for he fell in love with the instruction manual. I remarked to him, "Good sir, I will tell others of how well written and easy to understand the manual was for you, you jerk, who is such a nerd he derives pleasure from a game manual", this wasn't in words as much as it was a gesture of my hand in his face.

As we munched on processed food and everyone else drank water as I drank soda, we played the game of delivery boys and space aliens. Fun on a bun to you all, the game is a perfect melding of Monopoly and Futurama. The places Fry, Leela and Bendo I believe he's called, Bendo the magnificent, are all captured on the board to cruelly remind you that even in cartoon you must pay taxes. I immediately had fun as did my non-cat friends reminiscing about the show and gossip about friends who won't live long.

Details like the Good News Everyone cards and Attention Puny Human cards make the game a delight. Even more so if you sound like the Professor every time you pick it up and say, "Good News Everyone!". Each card seems to have a fast drawing done by ol' Matt Groening for when he wasn't riding he's money powered snow machine on his mountain of money on his money Peninsula. The game tokens, now silver, no longer gold,  bring back memories of the show, how could I not be the Brain Slug?  Some details due seem a bit lazy, the boards four corners retain the same art form the original board. I think it would have been easy to add a little Futurama theme to Jail or Free Parking, like at least free space ship parking or have the cop team that beats up Bender be at the jail space. Resi-Domes and People Hives are funny enough switching out hotels and homes, but maybe they could have looked like the Planet Express Hanger. The hotels could have been the Professor's tower. I don't know I guess they work, both will choke a baby.

What didn't work was my game, my friends commented I should go to Vegas with how I never landed on property, but always the card spots. I almost died of thirst from yelling "Good News Everyone!" so much. Sadly, I only came in second with how much money I had, I still was bitter and was plotting the death of my non-cat friends.

Futurama Monopoly is a charming take on the game and works well for any fan of the show or of Monopoly. Add it to your collection or something bad might happen in your future. I've been to it, I know.

Also, I almost died seeing Al Gore being on the $500 dollar bill.

Reviewer was give board game for review by publisher.