Monday, January 9, 2012

Can Pikachu Fly Daddy?

Yes, yes he can son.

I'm truly sorry I didn't attend this year's Anime Los Angeles 2012. It being smaller than AX makes me a little hestiant to try it. But a moment like this, when someone as Professor Oak with people dressed like Ash and Misty collect balloons to have Pikachu float over  ALA( Anime Los Angeles), it makes me wish I did.

I love the chanting of Pickachu!

Based on this Pokemon Snap refrence go to 2:28

I like the voice of the guide in this video, not only for how cute she think's Pikachu is, but for her cursing.
Some kid, somewhere, just had Pickachu float down to them or into their window via balloons.
Different perspective and setup