Tuesday, January 31, 2012

B Gata H Kei: Yamada's First Time Complete Series Review

B Gata H Kei: Yamada's First Time Complete Series (Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo) $41
Funimation just seems to love being naughty in the New Year.

Yamada you are a dirty, dirty girl! Let me set you straight, this teen queen wants to bust it with 100 guys. No joke, she wants it bad. Problem is she hasn't even done it once. Now if she could only find some worthless boy with no redeeming qualities, who'd be a virgin too. A cherry boy if you would, someone like Tenchi Muyo or any other anime lead I've written about in any harem anime comedy I've recently reviewed. Takashi Kosuda it's your lucky day. This no name has Yamada all over him in the first episode. However, things don't go all the way.

Yamada's First Time is a utterly quirky sex teen comedy anime. Utterly quirky in ways such as a sex deity for Yamada that follows her around, yet can't talk to her unless in a dream state. Her sex deity or Eros deity, whatever,  is herself with a mustache. The little version of her floats around on a cloud and is visible to no one, but us viewers.  Then there's Kosuda's penis. Now wait, because it isn't gross it's hilarious, he's penis is usually shown as like a little boring version of himself that grows bigger when ... well you know. Opening titles tell you this is a mostly fan service oriented show as different letters appear when different girls appear on screen. It took me a few seonds to catch on. Was it there first name or some sort of club with letters A, B, C and F being shown for each of them? Why no, it was telling me thier breast sizes. Oh, anime way to be subtle.

Yamada isn't that subtle about doing the nasty, the ruling selfish factor in the show is her sex drive. Kosuda should hardly being having trouble getting it on, except for the fact that Yamada is an idiot. Yamada really has no understanding of sex, mostly just a ill-conceived version from manga and magazines, which leads to exhilarating silly situations for us viewers. While Yamada is thinking love hotel, the situation might end up as just a kiss. Going to a make out park get, despicably dirty. At her core though Yamada doesn't realize she might not think of Kosuda as a piece of meat towards later in the series, maybe.

If not pushing Kosuda into a closet and getting naked or thinking of ways of getting it on she"ll usually be asking her best friend Miharu Takeshita for advice. Strangely advice will come from her in silly little Chiba form that are just possible what if Miharu moments as if she were around for some of Yamada's exploits. Some exploits she is around for like Yamada not wearing panties to school, Miharu scolds Yamada for this and most of her actions. Yamada also gets teased by her little sister Chika , while praised by the rest of her school for being a total hottie.

Yet, in her paradise of being the teen queen is Kyoka Kanejo the ultimate rich girl bitch. Yes like any anime taking place at school, you need a rich kid, she's not only rich, but talented in about everything and pretty. She hates Yamada for being the current queen of the school, so she tries her best to get on her bad side. This gets bad as her older brother wants Yamada and she has a older brother complex. So much of one she built a room of mementos of him and dolls, pillows and other um love items. She wants her brother in a naughty way.

Naughty ways are all over the place with sexual tension pouring out of Yamada and Kosuda's relationship. If you'd even call it a relationship. As a dude, it's sometime heartbreaking to see how close he gets to getting some, then the inevitable comedic downfall. Also, his dick gets hit a couple of times. I laughed and cried, "No way!", at how risque the show can get some times. With moments censors would love to fine networks you'll shout with glee and say "Damn, baby", at what Yamda's pervy little mind is thinking or gotten herself into. Yet for every problem encountered Yamada still can't wait to get in on. Will she bang the boy of her cherry dreams? You gotta watch to find out.

Video and audio were fine as well as the dubbing. Without the dub,  we'd lose a lot of how stuck up Yamada is, but also her personality as just a growing girl who doesn't really understand what she wants. Clean opening and closing animation for your extras as well as a dub mess up reel with some cussing.

The DVD's were provided by the publisher for review.