Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rosario + Vampire: Season 2 Review

Rosario + Vampire: CAPU2 (Season 2) $36

Cue Disco Theme Song with the monster high school girls as pop stars! Rosario + Vampire Season 2 blows away the first with fan service, high school hi jinks, and boobie lasers!

The show finally just has fun and cares less about battles and more about awkward romantic comedy situations that only a monster high school that isn't based on a horrible line of toys can be. So what's new, how about a bratty pig tailed sister for Moka our resident cutie pink vampire. It turns out that her little sister is a total brat and only loves Inner Moka, the white haired one, for some reason the bigger boobed version of her sister is the one she loves and admires. All of Tsukune's harem is back and more flirtatious than before.

Moka's little sister Kokoa  constantly gets in the way of Moka having a peaceful life the season. Her introduction is that of a murderer telling her victim she's going to kill them. She also takes a smaller character from the first season into a new light. The bat Kou-chan or Kou-buddy  that tells how long fights last is also her servant and can become different weapons, kind of like a weapon person from Soul Eater. Ruby, the other witch girl, now works at the academy in different odd jobs. She also loves Tsukune, but doesn't fight over him as much as the other girls. She usually makes a short cameo explaining it would be too long a story to explain specifically what she's doing and starts blushing. Uber cute for a goth girl, she also has a great story about making every girl on campus switch to a longer skirt that of course will never last long in the series.

Different episodes center around different girls, each attempting to win over Tsukune, while other episode puts in new monsters, all episodes are just far fetched and in the anime genre of high school love comedy with simple miscommunications going awry or some odd morals being somewhat attempted to be learned.

The direction for this show by it's director was " let's see how many panty shots we can get this time". It's as though the camera gets bored of people talking and looks and panties,perverted old camera. There isn't one episode I can think of that isn't about fan service shots. Moka falls down, skirts are too short, the girls are hanging up something high, it's time to bathe, all these reasons and more for panties. Yes, they have the hot springs episode this season and just like Sekerie's Season 2 "Examination Day", where bust sizes are measured, Yokai Academy has one too.

On the other side you have great slapstick and comedy with the girls. They"ll talk dirty to each other or do boob jokes or just start fighting each other.

One episode had me laughing all the way through with "Pretty Boy and a Vampire". A new pretty boy in school takes away Tsukune's harem. Is he a vampire? What power does he have to entice every girl on campus.  Sayin "Je t'aime", seems to have some strange effect on the ladies and will be insantly added to you vocubalary after watching. The new pretty boy sings a song so corny you"ll cry from sheer repetitive Frenchness.

"Mother and Child and a Vampire" was another episode to grab me with pure fun release. It's Parent's day at Yokai and Mizore's mother Tsurara and Kurumu's mother Ageha show up thinking Tsukune is in love with their offspring. There is then an all out war between the two hot moms that hated each other when they went to Yokai Academy. It's so funny to see Yukari's witch parents not say anything in the episode.. They just weren't allowed to have lines it seems.  The two moms hand out terrible advice two their daughters and eventually both fall for Tsukune too with a naught fall on top of them moment and I think some fresh boob grabs. Why Tsukune? N , idea.  Yet without him Kurumu's mother Ageha might never release boobie lasers in a later episode to which I gasped at and laughed at in astonishment.

The second season will always be held high in my anime organs if I had them. The second series is non-stop laughs and panty shots perfect for perilous gazers of fan service here in America. The series could have just been about cute girls with magic, but the odd monster element makes it more than an average cartoon it makes it only something the Japanese could come up with and think of as normal idea. Strange new setting and exploring some of the human world with more freedom to not just have battles, but dumb love triangles makes me want to stare at every episode.

Audio and video look great again, and the dub team even wen the extra mile of dubbing songs in English, which they normally don't do. Yeah almost every girl has a song this season for some silly reason. The DVD menu switch between some of the girl s dressed in school uniforms to lingerie again. Extras have clean opening and closing themes, but nothing like an OVA.

Pick it up to see one of the best boobie animes that just missed being released in 2012, Je t'aime.