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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mega Man Buster Vases

I love Mega Man! I've loved the character and his world since my childhood. I liked how Mega Man started out as a simple helpful robot and really Dr. Light's son, but when Dr. Wily's robots attack he loses his more human looks and becomes a hero. The dynamic between him and his brother Proto Man, having a robotic dog, that talks, who he can fly on and having a powerful buster cannon that can shoot an array of different attacks, he just rocks.

I call them "Buster Vases". What's great is I can pretty much plant anything in them to mimic any of Mega Man's attacks, simulating whatever light show of death Mega is packing. I decided on classic blue white flowers for the Mega Buster Vase and yellow flowers for the Proto Buster Vase, which both mimic the robotic brother's attacks.

The idea just came to me one day. After that, whenever I was in a place with vases I looked for one that looked like a buster cannon. With a lot of help from an artist friend I painted them in a day. Three different coats for the vases allowed for the yellow to shine through. Then I simply picked the plants I wanted for them and stuffed them in.

Some of the reasons I made them were from my friends Sky Burchard's work. If I was rich I'd hire him to just mod everything I own to be from a video game. IAM8BIT's constantly cool art show and work, I kind of wanted the vases to be in the last show, but didn't make them yet, also I'm not an artist, so I don't know if they would even let me. Capcom, for their constant fun events that come through LA. I can't think of another game company that gives so much back to fans through events ... (cough) Fright club in LA would be nice. Miles Donovan's work from The Daily Robot site. I own both Blues' and Rock's buster schematics he did. I"ll probably put them behind the vases.

I guess the only other thing would be asking Capcom to give me the blue bomber for Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Zero is a zero in my heart.

Oh yeah, almost forgot my "E-Tank Watering Can". I saw a blue watering can on my way out of a hardware store and just grabbed it and did a quick paint job.