Friday, January 20, 2012

Why Nick Swardson's Pretend Time Sucks

It's about a lemon and it sucks hard. Recently, I had Comedy Central playing while I left the house and when I got back Pretend Time was on. One sketch in the episode was about a black man hating Martin Luther King, because he owned a sign store that sold white and black only signs. Now that's funny, but the joke is milked. At one point the black man goes through all his signs including those for white only lemons. At this point it's still funny, when suddenly the black man picks off a lemon from a tree and tries to eat it, but is stopped by the gaze of a white man.

Who bites into a lemon picked off of a tree?

 What it screams is lazy writing, no one's checking or going over skits and how much the show doesn't care. It doesn't care that the tree should have had apples. They didn't re-shoot that scene or took the time before it was shot to go,"Hey wait, these lemons should be apples". I know it's a minor thing, but it shows how little care is put into the shows writing.

I have other problems with the show. Most ideas in the show seem like not much time was put into them or usually go nowhere. The strange bar scene in each episode where Nick's talk to the audience to break the fourth wall are out of place.

I'd  would however, like to praise whoever does the technical side of things for transitions through portraits and such and all the props and special effects, but the writing and comedy are just lazy.