Saturday, January 7, 2012

Adult Swim X Gallerry 1988 Birdman through Yoda?

Opening Reception: Friday, Jan. 13, 7-10pm
January 13 - February 4, 2011
Gallery 1988 Melrose

What? Clone Wars was shown on Adult Swim? This piece is going to seem so out of place with real Adult Swim shows. I had to look on wiki to make sure Eric Braddock's piece wasn't a mistake.

Wiki "It aired on Adult Swim at Midnight/11c on Saturdays nights. It was removed from the Adult Swim Schedule as of 9/28/2009. Only series to simulcast on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, without fully switching from one to the other."

It's kind of like the worst choice and could have refelected Star Wars specials for Robot Chicken or Family Guy.Then you have Glen Brogan who made this great Birdgirl piece, that he even re-did from a piece he never released. Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law was one of my favoire adult swim shows and it's something that made me a fan of the network Drew Falchetta's piece is a fun Birdman, too. 

Yoda? What the...? Give me Korgoth of Barbaria or the Xtacles if your trying something no ones seen on Adult Swim. Rare fun pilots that only fans have glimpsed at. I guess I'm going to ask Eric if he's there. Why pick Yoda when you had such a vast amount of characters from so many different shows?

Steve Thomas's piece
 Dave Perillo
Jason Weidel

Michelle Coffee
Veronica Fish