Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sekirei 2: Pure Engagement Complete Season Review

Sekirei 2: Pure Engagement Complete Season (Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo) $40

So I heard you liked fan service. That should be the tag line for this series of blessed busty big chested babes fighting it out and flaunting it.

The second series takes places right after the first with the ever boring male lead who has a harem of hot girls wanting him for some insane reason. The city they're in is now locked down and MBI won't let any Sekirei's (fighters with special abilities on super human levels) and a Ashikabi's (Sekirei's masters that make them more powerful through a link established by a kiss) leave.

The Disciplinary Squad who works for the MBI  in charge of keeping Sekireis in line and from escaping the city have it out for Musibi and the other Sekiries that Minato has. Minato is the boring male lead. The number of Sekiries (hot babes) swells with more editions to his harem including Kazehana who like drinking and has wind powers and Homura the white hared fire guardian of unprotected Sekireis whose been hiding in plain sight in their inn.

The stories aren't that hard to follow with small arcs and titillating jokes throughout the new series.
There's a small arc with another resident at the inn there staying, the buxom Uzume who likes wearing different cosplay outfits. and has cloth powers. Another story is arc is about Homura joining the harem. You get the back story about how sekireis were created and some missing info youv'e been waiting for since the first season. The overall arc is that all Sekirei's must win at least one fight to stay functioning in the city or be brought back to MBI. The last arc focuses on the MBI headquatertes needing to be infiltrated. This has all of Minato's harem in full force going downtown.

You also get a very steady build up to see some other Ashikabis and sekireis, which have a massive fight outside MBI headquarters in the last arc. What was kind of annoying was just showing a few of the new sekiries like these tan girls in bikini tops, that you never see really get into a fight. It was kind of a let down not to see and all out battle between them and Mianto's team.
Boobs in this series are large. Very, very large for the sake of the viewer. There's moments of just pure fan service for no othe reason than your pleasure. There's a mud wrestling fight, naughty plant tentacles, bath scenes, and clothes ripping. Let's not forget the special ova  included on the extras disc with Sekirei Diagonstic Day , more like chance to see more boobs day. The fights themesleves are once again action filled boobs swaying all over the place. Some outfits are just the girls trying to look like prostitutes, prostitutes that want to be super heroes.

The only part I don't like is the excessive violence that leads to what looks like death .The anime seems all in good fun and then goes to far when a Sekirei gets stabbed in the the stomach. This happens only a few times, but breaks the mood of the series where most fights end with the opponent knocked out. The Sekirei Karasuba does the only dirty work that's lethal and I'm not sure if a sekirei can be killed by mortal wounds, but still it lowers down the fun.

Another stange part of the story is that Minato's Mom works for MBI and he didn't even know. How I hate Minato's lack of personality, he's just saw boring. I like his dad more, who is obviously the CEO of MBI, it wasn't that hard to figure out with his Mom working their.  He's kid sister is also going around with her own Sekirei boy.

Once again, I don't know why these girls are into Minato Sahashi, your average Japanese bachelor about to enter college. It goes back to Tenchi Muyo and other harem comedies, where the main dude has nothing that special about him, but he has some fine ladies chasing after him. Super fine ladies that is. Just like Tenchi, he doesn't act on his male ambitions and seemingly goes nowhere with his harem who fawn over him.

The quality of audio and video was superb to enjoy the ladies of this anime. Extras include the OVA mentoned before( it comes with a hot springs visit too), textless opening and endings and commentary for episode 5.

For the current price of $40 you can't go wrong with this Harem anime comedy, you just might have tough choice between choosing which one best suits your taste from Funimation with Heaven's Lost Property and Rosario all out now.

The DVD's were provided by the publisher for review.