Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Delocated: The Complete Seasons One & Two Review

Delocated: The Complete Seasons One and Two $24

I just never got Jon Glaser's series about a man in the witness protection who has to wear a ski mask and have he's voice permanently altered trying to make it as a celebrity in New York. The show is downright strange. Writing that seemed strange.
A live-action show on a network for cartoons is a tough sell and I haven't been enjoying this one on Adult Swim or the others. Sorry Paul Scheer, your funny, but I hate the show SVU-whatever.

The series starts off with Jon being part of witness protection trying to make it as a star and moving to New York city to star in a reality series. Soon this falls apart as does his marriage. Jon is a dick, there no doubt about that he's a huge dick. Who says awful things and treats people like garbage.

Some episodes border on the truly wacky,  some examples are: Jon still in full ski mask and augment ed voice opens a "rage cage" where you given allotted time to smash things, this leads to a romantic relationship, all in 11 minutes. He gets angry at his sons Bar Mitzah that he paid for and isn't thanked enough about . He wears a suit of small dogs. Mostly Delocated! with Jon seems to be a new take on I Love Lucy, coming up with a quick scheme to make money, get noticed, or just to be liked. Jon fails every time. There's a whole plot of the Russian mafia being after him, but they seem so unnecessary to Jon's egocentric ways that always take him down anyway.

The show always stops from just being laugh out fun, it has plenty of funny comedian guest stars, not working to their full talent. It's from PFFR who I'm quite sick of at this point being on Adult Swim. I don't get there strange work. It borders on being sick with no punch line. Like a joke about murder, where there is no joke, just a murder.

Sure, there are some moments that might make you crack up, but it just shouldn't have gone on that long. It has the second season with episodes length longer now at 22-minutes. Remember when shows were 24 minutes with commercials, those were the days.

If your into the show the collection comes with a nice menu, deleted scenes, and commentary. You'll even get Jon Glasser's pitch and he's probably more to blame than PFFR. I'd say catch an episode before you get it, but if you loved the series it's all here.

Astonishingly enough, Season 3 of Delocated will be coming out soon after a 1 year hiatus.
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