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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Hype: Streaming & Podcasts Are Ruined By Big Business, One Operation Joker, Animate USA & More

-Great read on how we got so much content and a lot of it ain't so great and sort of how broken the streaming model is. It's some good background info into how the streaming services now want to pay less and do less as striker's want a piece of the pie.

Said to see Stitcher go, had no idea it was part of SiriusXM, after getting bought by the company in 2020. Also, don't know the backstory of Earwolf being part of it and so many podcasts going for Patreon a year or tow back, maybe because of the switch in ownership?

Oh, here we go.
Just nice check in with the director of Drive over the Hollywood Strike.

One Operation Joker is a manga that has the insane premise of The Joker raising a baby Batman (that he accidentally turned into a baby), so he can fight Batman again one day. It comes out this September for the US. Or the 1st Volume? How long has it been going in Japan?

This pig is quite funny, he's no boar. Seriously, though some laughs at AX.

Animate USA to Open Store in Torrance, California This Summer 

I hope it can sustain itself. We'll give more details about it when it opens, but a lot of Japanese stores really suck at getting the word out a lot of the time.



Deadstream Blu-ray out this month. It was our favorite horror movie of 2022. A perfect modern take on horror with an annoying streamer. Gotta say the cover art is borin, doesn't really fit the comedy horror style of the movie. This is coming to Walmart, July 18th.

Out in September, RepliGator. Really, anything from the Visual Vengeance line is worth getting. We still love L.A. AIDS Jabber.