Monday, July 31, 2023

Hype: Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake, Openings, Pokemon Sleep Nothing To With Pokemon Go, Punch Punch Forever


Some people aren't happy that this new series seems to take place in the real world and then crosses dimensions or something, but more then willing to give it a shot. A lot of the old crew came back for this, so should be pretty great quality.

-Little worried as production wise I believe it got ten episodes and that was it so far. With a unionization for Cartoon Network shows in the works, no idea if this we'll get more. Also, everyone working on it is already or will be on other stuff since nothing is renewed.

Openings - VIDEO PREVIEW from Petra Szemán on Vimeo.

via Game Scenes 

"Inhabiting the interstitial zones of anime credit sequences, video game loading screens and regional train journeys, Openings !!! (2022) intensifies the gaps between the layers of animated imagery in an attempt to grasp the kinds of experience that may lie beyond human perceptual boundaries. The video follows the protagonist ‘Yourself’ as they ride local trains through intermedial landscapes. From this uniquely conceived and drafted kinetic viewpoint, fragments of different worlds segue into view, signalling perceptual ruptures that seemingly force subjectivity outside of itself, into strange new relationships of interdependency and intoxication with the moving image."


We tried Pokémon Sleep at an exclusive overnight pre-release experience

via Soranews24 

     “We’re sure many people will think Pokemon GO+ and Pokemon Sleep are correlated with one another since their release dates are so close, so we want to be clear: There is no direct benefit to playing Pokémon Sleep for Pokémon GO trainers.

    However, there are some benefits for Pokémon Sleep trainers by playing Pokémon GO. You can accumulate items more easily by visiting Pokéstops in Pokémon GO+. In that sense, there is some correlation between the two games.

    Since Pokémon GO encourages you to go venture outside into the world, we wanted to create something on the opposite spectrum: a game you “play” while you sleep. They were designed to not have much overlap, so you can enjoy both games to their fullest in equal measure!”

 Punch Punch Forever is the best anime from the 90's that never existed before.

"Gogo Matsumoto, an 11-year old aloof martial arts prodigy, along with her half-demon older sister; Nono, her mama; Mama, and her cool pet frog; Coolfrog, embark to compete in a martial arts tournament that pits humans against a near-infinite barrage of demons from another realm called the Akumugai. If a human can come out triumphant, they will be granted a wish from the Akumugai's warlord, Emperor Koro. Can Gogo overcome this impossibe challenge? If so, will she wish for a big, like REALLY big hambrguger? I hope so!"

Mortal Kombat 1, does looks fun and out in September, dang.

Loki Season 2, October????? Now!!!!!