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Friday, July 7, 2023

Anime Expo 2023: Strangest Booths: McDonald's, Dogs & Tattoos


McDonald's was back again with Web Toon. Missing the Grimace Shake bandwagon all they had was a big inflatable purple monster, but not merch commemorating his birthday. Instead, if you had the McD app on your phone you could get in the booth and get gashapon pin featuring characters from Web Toon and McDonald's and get a poster.

There were plenty of pictures to take pictures of yourself at this special McDondald's

Jesus Otaku was back sharing the love of G-d from an anime perspective.

 And then there were a few booths trying to make you pet a little more anime. Pawsonify, really wants you to deck out your cat or dog's collar with the likes of Persona, Naruto or Inyusha and they are officially licensed.

Not sure about this booth here who has Pokémon and Chainsaw Man clothes for your pooch or kitty.

From artist alley, gotta give some love to the In-U-Out Doge

And finally, did not expect or remember an anime tattoo section, but many were waiting to get inked near artist alley. It sort of reminds me of getting a flu shot in public, but much more painful.