Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Hype: Fantasia Final Wave, Lackadaisy: The Animated Short, Hulu Animayhem, Tokyo Pop Film & Creamerie

Fantasia Final Wave of Titles for the festival taking place July 20 - August 9
-Check out the final films added to the Fantasia Film Festival 

Wednesday, August 2 · 7:30 - 9:30pm
The Secret Movie Club Theater 1917 BAY ST 2ND FL LOS ANGELES, CA 90021
$10 – $12

"One of the biggest success stories of 2023 so far is how the filmmakers of the expertly animated Lackadaisy pilot were able to crowdfund (through Kickstarter) their daring idea then get it seen by over 9.5 million people (and counting) on YouTube.

Lackadaisy with very strong early Don Bluth SECRET OF NIMH vibes tells a story of crime, romance, intrigue at a speakeasy of bootleggers in 1927 except the bootleggers, molls, criminals, heroes are all cats.

Reviving the kind of animation approach pioneered by Ralph Bakshi in his transgressive 1970's movies and by Don Bluth in his breakaway from Disney darker animated family films, the filmmakers of Lackadaisy have made an amazing pilot episode of animation that creates a third lane in features for darker, more adult yet totally entertaining animated fare."
Hulu launched Hulu Animayhem, an easier section of Hulu to find cartoons and anime.
“Hulu Animayhem” will also show up in a major way at San Diego Comic-Con next weekend.  Taking over the Bayfront Parking Lot, the experience/area will take fans on a fully immersive journey that transports them through a 2D experience putting them right in the center of their favorite shows.

A Breezy Rock & Roll Love Story from Writer/Director Fran Rubel Kuzui
Starring Carrie Hamilton & Diamond Yukai
New 35th Anniversary 4K Restoration
In Theaters August 4
A ridiculous sci-fi show is back for another season on Hulu. NSFW