Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Anime Expo 2023: Deeper In & Final Thoughts

 By Jonathan Bilski

 As you delve deeper in to AX or just to the sides of the first big booths you see how these companies went al lout this year. Showcasing their new series or merch. Sega/Atlus always huge and a long wait, people love grabbing their Persona merch

Have to love the amazing statue work you see, these things are amazing for One Piece, but where do you pout them in your house?

Loving seeing new brands likes Noms which celebrates the love of anime food.

Game Grumps just embraces the anime culture having two female versions of the hosts on merch in their booth. They even had little animations of their female counterparts playing in their booth.

Why hasn't this come out yet? Reminds me of my dragon ball balloons. It might be, because they're so damn expensive.

And, we know people are waiting on the new season for Spy X Family and the move CODE:White. Here's hoping we can wait to the winter for it and it releases here around the same time.

Final Thoughts:

AX has grown once again. 

As I've posted before there's the usual gripes. Parking, overpriced food and the pit that is LA Live. It looks like planning ahead or parking further away is still the best decision.

As for the growth, it looks like AX might need to find a balance for both booth and community. It feels like a lot of or a lot of space should be devoted places to chill and just collect yourself. Maybe, a brand could just sponsor couches or places to sit, so folks could enjoy talking and eating overpriced food there.

The gaming section and I mean for consoles and cards seems to keep getting smaller and so does the community stage. Not much of a community other the specialized panels, but you can't always talk at them.

I'd like to see more used for LA Live just for room as LA Live is mainly useless except for space or the adjacent area.

It was unfortunate that the hotel strike started that weekend, but those big rooms in the hotels nearby have been great for panels in the past, I hope their utilized just like the rest of the adjacent area should be next year.

Can't deny the big booths being there and the acres of artist alley make it worth the trip. Where else are you gonna see that stuff? Grab those goodies?

As already shared the cosplay was just so darn good! It makes going every year worth it as just walking around is so colorful and brightens your day seeing someone poorly or amazingly pulling off outfits no sane person would.

Here's to next AX and hopefully there's more improvements on treating the fans who pay so much for it better and for leaving space for the community to just chat that isn't the floor.


Anime Expo returns to LA on July 4-7, 2024.

If you want to do something before that Anime Expo Chibi 2023 is coming to Ontario, California on November 11-12, 2023