Thursday, July 6, 2023

Anime Expo 2023: 18+ Content


The 18+ Content section was a buzz with boobies and photos of things I can't show you, but what I can show you is still funny. Always amazed by the numbers this section takes in with people waiting forever to walk around JAST aka J-List and other booths selling pictures to risky for artist alley.

There was just too much to laugh at. It looks like masturbatory aids might not be allowed to be sold at AX, but you can see how they work at the booths. Not in that way, they can only just show them off.

By far Fakku's parody of Hooters with Pooters from artist Butcha-U grabbed a lot of attention. See more after the jump. I can't think of anywhere it would be okay to wear the clothes other than AX at night in the naughty panels.

NSFW after jump