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Saturday, July 8, 2023

Anime Expo 2023: Artist Alley

 By Jonathan Bilski

Artist Alley was once again below the main hall and though no sunlight can make it down there, it still shines. Oh, don't cringe. Well, maybe cringe at some of the jokes from the art. 

Artist Alley, for those who don't know, is fan art that can be on, well, anything. Usually for anime conventions you'll get stuff based on animes, cartoons and video games. However, you'll get stuff on movies and TV shows a lot more now. Or, like I wrote, anything, like a shirt that look of realistic meat.

I was blown away by everything and honestly could have spent another day looking through each section more meticulously. It's just so busy. It's very hard to find stuff with so many people crowded around. Give yourself a few hours if you don't know the artists from social media ahead of the time, because more than likely you'll find something for your desk or to wear or to grab for a friend.

Artist Alley might be my favorite part of Anime Expo or any anime convention, because you're finding work on something you specifically like that's super rare and wasn't made or liscened by Hot Topic. An artist came up with their own design to make it their way.

I'm amazed, I didn't buy more and worst of all I'm angry on all the stuff I overlooked.

Genie Ink use to do fan art. I still have her Dragon Ball pieces even. She's since gone to do her own own style. She has an art show in LA, July 10th-16th, more info on it here. Still a fan of her work, but I do miss the dragon ball love.

P-Curly might be my fav artist out of this year's AX with Better Call Saul fan art. I grabbed a Inuyasha charm for a friend for how colorful and fun it was. I regret not seeing the Sit Boy Coaster.