Thursday, July 6, 2023

Anime Expo 2023: Trigger Shows Off

 By Jonathan Bilski

Bang! Bang! Trigger, the anime studio that everyone loves seeing at AX, started off its panel like how it did last year, showing a full episode of its new anime series headed to Netflix January 2024. It's called Delicious in Dungeon. This new fantasy RPG anime has a party of classic video game stereotypes trying to save a little sister from the stomach of a dragon and along the way eat all the monsters of the dungeon to make it to her...and then possibly eat that dragon. A foodie fantasy anime, you say? With Trigger the animation just works as preparing creature you usually take down for experience points become the next avocado toast worked in the first episode. It's gonna be a hard wait for the series to be out early next year.

Voice actor and actress Kentaro Kumagai, the voice of Laios, and Sayaka Sembongi, the voice of Marcille came out to greet the crow answering very silly questions. Sayaka said about the food, "If you look at the food it doesn't look delicious looking, but as the story keeps going, it looks good." I have to disagree as the food and how it was prepared already looked tasty on screen.

And, the screaming fans behind me could not wait to see the series, it looks like another good one for Netflix.

Next, we learned the Gurren Lagann films will be returning to theaters in North America. So, you'll be able to see Trigger's work, when it was still under Gainax again. Gurren Lagann was one of the most fun mecha animes out there and it's nice to see it come back for its15th Anniversary. We won't get them here until 2024, but we'll share when they're coming out to theaters, so no worries.

And, like last year, Trigger announced Panty And Stocking...was ready to get started on. Other sites might be telling you it's called New Panty and Stocking, but the Trigger staff literally said it's a placeholder name as they haven't even started on the new anime. It's so early, they didn't even explain where it will go up on or a real release date.

For those who don't know Panty and Stocking is anime series about two angel sisters that act like total degenerates and looks like an American cartoon mocking anime designs.

Explained again by Trigger staff was that the rights previously were still at Gainax, but, now they have them and can make their own series.

Different staff from trigger weighed in on working on the essentially second season of the show.

Artist Sushio, that we've featured before on the site for special events, said he was excited to do the key animation.

Masahiko Otsuka, President of Trigger said something humorous, "It's been 13 years and the climate has changed...we want to purify everything with white liquids,' about the anime's return.

And director Hiroyuki Imaishi said, "It might be difficult to do the stuff we did, but we're gonna do it anyway."

And on the outlook of beyond a second season, Imaishi said, " We've got a $*%-ton of ideas, ideas up to 10 seasons and a movie. Panty and Stocking is the series we can do anything we want. Look forward to TRIGGER's Panty and Stocking."