Thursday, July 13, 2023

Actors Strike Starting Friday Morning, Reminds Us Of The Sweatbox Doc Leak

SAG-AFTRA, the big union of some of or all your favorite actors starts on Friday. This, with the ongoing Writer's Strike will close most entertainment production in LA. It's going to get weird.

We at TTDILA are totally on the side for the Writers and Actors to get a fair deal and think the studios need to rethink whatever the heck they're doing at the negotiating table.

Here's some great articles from Variety on what's happening:
It also reminded of us of a great documentary that leaked online. From Sting's wife, a documentary on The Emperor's New Groove, The Sweatbox. It's an amazing look at the ineptitude of the producers of the film. 
Why I mention Sting's wife, Trudie Styler, directed it, is because that's how she got access to film behind-the-scenes. Sting was supposed to do the entire soundtrack for the film and you learn why that didn't happen.
What it shows is that there have been problems with those at the top of the entertainment industry for a very long time. That it's nothing new that the studios are treating people so poorly, it seems like it's been that way for a while. And, on a Disney animated film no less.

The name Sweatbox comes from the screening room for animated work at the studio in Burbank. When first set up, it  had no air conditioning, making the animators sweat while their early work was being looked at.

Now Disney owns the doc, but it's been leaked online uncut. Below is the version we know of free online, if you want to see the mess that wast the Kingdom of the Sun, before it became The Emperor's New Groove.