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Friday, November 15, 2019

Weekend Wonders: The International Banana Museum

Things To Do In LA presents Weekend Wonders, thoughtful trips to take selfies on an hour or more from LA.

This time: The International Banana Museum

Yes, people in LA do actually like driving...if you have a car or at least a friend who has one. And in this new series on the site will be exploring far off, well, more like an hour or two from LA places; that you can visit and take selfies at.

"I just need some time away from the city," as the saying goes. And so we goes, so you can goes. In other words we're selling out and doing those same kinds of posts on places to visit adjacent to the city.

Our first trips takes us to the silly little place that's yellow and has a lot of a-peel, The International Banana Museum. Out in the middle of nowhere, just like in the opening of Courage the Cowardly Dog, is a single room with bunches and bunches of banana paraphernalia. And I think they hid the most obvious of of the banana collection, that you might call a back massager.

They did have an anime section though. Hehe.

Really, it's fun for the whole family and they want you to take pictures. They even have free banana costumes and yellow pants and hats for you to wear.

If heading here:
Look for the yellow robot and the faded sign past a lot of farm land and you'll notice it. Past the door, you'll have to pay the entry fee of the astonishing price of $1 per person, cards accepted.

Then you can order some of the tastiest, thickest and ice cold, delicious banana shakes at the counter or enter non-stop banana picture taking time.

Really, though you have to save room for one of the shakes, which comes in multiple flavors. All with banana of course. We tried Chocolate and Strawberry and were blown away. It's a full dessert onto itself. You can just have banana ice cream or even a banana split, but we recommend the shakes for a taste to remember. They're made fresh, so give them some time or order it before you start exploring the museum.

There's a few seats and tables inside or you can sit your butt down at the banana bar. There's no alcohol, it's just a bar with stools to sit at and order from.

The actual museum doesn't really have history or any sort of facts it's a place to look at the most
banana items as heralded by The Guinness Book of Records and buy banana candy. It's a lot to look at, but yeah, it's a tourist trap. But a tourist trap that can keep you for an hour.

Don't forget the mural outside for in for photos to take or a could place for a pit stop with free restrooms outside.

Just get lost in the bananas for a weekend.

The International Banana Museum
98775 CA-111, Mecca, CA 92254
Sat. and Sun.: 1p.m.-5:30 p.m.
*Mon.: 1p.m.-5:30p.m.
*Monday is their day for maintenance. Only ice cream and frozen bananas are still available for that day.

Hours may vary. Please call them at 619-840-1429