Thursday, December 5, 2019

Congrats Nucleus You're 15

We're here to pay tribute to one of out favorite art galleries that we cover all the time and have been covering over the years. Gallery Nucleus, the Alhambra native. Though, not really in LA, it's so easy to get to, it's never been a problem to get to an opening reception. This December, it's turning 15 and they're even celebrating with a special gala and having a silent auction on pieces from past shows. We wanted to Congratulate Nucleus on 15 years of showing off some astounding work. We're gonna look back at some of our coverage over the years and delight in all that Nucleus has done.

Gallery Nucleus 15 Year Anniversary Gala & Art Auction
Sunday, December 15, 2019
Dec 15, 6:00PM - 9:00PM
210 East Main St, Alhambra CA 91801
Gala details:
Dinner will be curated by chef Jonathan Arocha (NOLA project, Mon-Li Malibu) in three courses, including a vegan option. Come help yourself to dazzling food, complementary drinks, and join us for a night of celebration!
  • Admission will be limited to 100 guests
  • Over 80 pieces from over 30 artists will be up for auction
  • The auction will be a silent auction, by phone or in person
  • Semiformal dress is encouraged
  • Admission includes dinner, drinks, and an exclusive goodie bag!
  • Entertainment for the night will include a live drawing demonstration by Peter Han!
  • Live music by RedWeb
I still have this postcard hidden somewhere in my stuff

Hey, it's Jonathan your editor and main guy behind TTDILA. Way back when, I found a small postcard flyer for a gallery I never heard with a piece from Josh Cochran. I instantly fell in love with it and had to go to the show. So, I traveled for the first time to Nucleus, not even knowing what it was and well before the site even existed. I don't think I even went to Alhambra before.

Cover To Cover
August 19, 2006

And I looked for the piece on the opening reception. I went all the way up the stairs to the second floor, before the walls were filled with postcard flyers of past shows. Brimmign with excitement and angst I looked through the different work, looking for the piece I came for.
The bastard didn't get it in on time, so, it wasn't even there.
Three years later

I'm visiting Nucleus and and have just formed my blog and I can't believe it, but they're doing a show for Street Fighter and this time I'm actually impressed and not devastatingly heartbroken. We get a cosplay contest and some truly stunning art for Street Fighter. Jeez, how many Street Fighter art shows have we covered since then or Capcom events??? They had some of the best cosplay with Cammy we've ever seen. But, that's nothing for Nucleus, which would have amazing opening receptions time and time again. Having cosplay contests, special signings, raffles and more to entice those in attendance.

Jab Strong Fierce (Street Fighter Tribute Show)
April 25, 2009

You have to love the original concept themed shows and nothing quite hits the spot like a Valentine inclined zombie love show.

Zombies in Love
February 6, 2010

Adventure Time: A Look Behind the Land of Ooo
April 16, 2011

Then there were the many instances of us covering Adventure Time themed shows over the years. Some of the most amazing shows and fandom we've ever seen has come from covering the shows held at Gallery Nucleus. Fans got to meet cast and crew and just share in the community of all things Algebraic thanks to them. 

And this would continue with other beloved animations getting tribute shows like Gravity Falls, Steven Universe and Star Vs. The Forces of Evil. How long before we see one for Owl House, Duck Tales and Amphibia?

Oootopia: An Artgebraic Tribute to Adventure Time
August 18, 2012

Adventure Time Complete Series Celebration Event
April 23, 2019

Did anyone snag a sucked-dry-by-Marceline "red" crayon we left hidden around the Oootopia show?

Featuring amazing artists has never been a problem for Nucleus. I think they get a visit from Junko Mizuno almost every year and had at least two shows from Jed Henry. We had a chance to talk with one of our favorites, Sam Bosma, when he had his own show at the gallery.

Sam Bosma Fantasy Sports Signing & Solo Exhibition
July 25, 2015

Then there's the countless gaming themed art shows from classics to the latest and greatest. All having their hook of a special guests, hard to find merch or just eye-popping art you couldn't get anywhere else.

Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Game Launch Exhibition / Signing
March 15, 2014

Ratchet and Clank 15th Anniversary Celebration
November 11, 2017

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary A Legacy of Art Exhibition
December 2, 2017

Well, it's been a pleasure to have gone to so many amazing shows over the years. We've seen so many amazing artists and had so many fun times. Many memories and a lot of good things to write-about.

Congratulations, Nucleus! 

-From Your Friends at TTDILA!

P.S. Tell that bastard Josh Cochran to buy a watch.