Thursday, December 19, 2019

Fairfax Cinema Opening On Christmas We Guess For Jews?

One of our favorite indie theaters, The Silent Movie Theater was run by The Cinefamily that was later ousted for having a lot of bad stuff going on behind the scenes was shut down a year or two ago. But it's coming back on Christmas under the same ownership, at least the same owners of the building itself. Now dubbed Fairfax Cinema. The Cinefamily seems to be quite dead. So, good news? Well, some people don't feel that way as the same owners, Daniel and Samuel Harkham were on the board of The Cinefamily and many don't feel they did enough or have been doing enough for what went done with The Cinefamily.

And Fairfax Cinema is a non-profit theater, letting it have more freedom on what movies to choose. And right now we haven't heard of any interesting selection of films.

via LA Times

As of right now the Facebook and it's own web-site have little info on upcoming programming and pretty much any other useful info.

What many people hoped was that a new, better version of Cinefamily might come about to run the theater with fun an exciting content. But now that Drafthouse LA is here it seems like that's the go to place for weird or hard to find cinema. And we have other theaters coming to for even more content. And somehow the Downtown Independent is still open and we have no understanding of how it is.
We're saying it's hard to place Fairfax Cinema's opening as good or bad until we learn more about it. But many in LA's indie film community aren't liking it. And Fairfax Cinema needs to be better at social media to tell people what it's about.

Fairfax Cinema

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Update: Bret Berg former employee and person in charge of The Voyager Institute explains a little more on why the re-opening is bad with allegations a lot of misconduct by those bringing back the theater at the Fairfax Cinema.

Just like the LA Times article, Berg's post shows a lot of hate like the other cinemas of LA that quite often are friendly with each other. To speak ill of another theater means quite a lot in the community.