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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sam Bosma Interview For Fantasy Sports Signing & Solo Exhibition

Sam Bosma is a talented artist that sort of has his first solo show at Nuclues this Saturday for his upcoming revised comic Fantasy Sports! , it's about magic and playing the game. Sam braved the battle of moving his fingers on a keyboard to answer my questions about his upcoming show and a little about himself. Is his boss, Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, a monster, find out below.

TTDILA: Sam, it's seems like ages since I read Fantasy Sports, print versions seem to take a long time, what's the difference in this release other than color? Will we know if the main character is a boy or a girl this time, you seemed to have made them androgynous.

Sam Bosa:Yeah, it seems like forever since I wrote and drew the thing. Most of it has been done for two years now, going back to when it was Fantasy Basketball. Besides the color (which is in itself a pretty bit difference), the main addition to this version is the prologue, which introduces the Order of Mages, where Wiz-Kid and Mean Mug work. There's some back and forth there to set up the relationship between the two, though it's not exhaustive and there's still a lot more to reveal as the series moves forward.

As for the second part, Wiz-Kid is a girl, though I haven't really done anything to make her less androgynous. 

Where does your mind go, Sam? I mean does it venture to other worlds based on video games and novels you've read?

It mostly wanders to stories. A big chunk of my work now is comics, and I'm actively trying to become a better writer. So yeah, I think a lot about story structure and ways to deliver story both visually and through dialogue. I do read a lot, and play games when I can, and that definitely filters over to my work. I really like stories that hold elements of the world close to the vest, and reveal things slowly and deliberately. I'm a big fan of Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea Cycle, and the Dark Souls games for those reasons.

How powerful is you D&D character?

Ahh, I don't have an active one right now! Mean Mug is loosely based on a previous character I played named Gorza, who was a wrestler and a cannibal. Mean Mug is significantly toned down. I do run a game for some friends of mine, which just means I get to make up a whole bunch of characters and I don't have to stick with just one. My favorite one is a captain named Hatfield, who inherited a ship from his father and is very, very bad at managing it.

The whole work was a great mash-up of basketball and fantasy, are you into sports or did you have to learn and go over them for the book? I'm guessing you already did.

I'm really into basketball, and through following that I've sort've grown to appreciate watching a lot of different sports. Once you get to the higher levels of any particular sport, the stakes are so high for the people playing that the drama just gets crazy. Watching the NBA finals you're basically watching people who's entire lives have been spent training for that particular moment, and they have to compete at their absolute peak or else fail in front of millions of people. I find that stuff super compelling.

Is this you first together solo show that happens to be taking place at the same time and location as another? What are you most excited about there, I'm sure it's not the food or lack of air conditioning. Dress lightly. Oh, g-d in this humidity!

It is! It's my first solo show, though Scott C has his show running concurrently. Scott's a dear friend of mine, and I'm really happy we get to open these shows together. I'm mostly excited for everyone to come out and see what I've been working on for the past however long. I don't make it out to the West Coast very often, so it'll be nice to see all my LA friends and meet some new people outside of the NYC illustration community. As far as the humidity goes, it was 95 degrees in Brooklyn earlier this week and muggy as anything. I think I can handle it.

You work on Steven Universe, how much fun do you have with some of the most creative artists out there, including yourself. I mean Cartoon Network has taken most of the artistic talent out there and put in Burbank.  

Working on Steven is like a weird dream. Everyone on design team is so crazily talented on their own, and could probably do one of many jobs on the show, but seeing how everyone has honed these different talents to bring the whole show together is extremely inspiring. It's an incredible show. I can't help but think of the kids who are going to grow up to be better people for having a show with such important and positive themes.

Is Sugar sweet or is she sour working you to the bones?

Rebecca is great.

(I still question his answer)

Are you going to get diabetes from all the special desserts you have based on the new episodes that come out?

Sadly (extremely sadly), I work on the show remotely, from New York, so I'm not there for the debut parties they have. I have to watch from afar as all those sweet treats get eaten. The crew was nice enough to send me cupcakes on my birthday, though.
Meet Sam on Saturday at the:

Sam Bosma Fantasy Sports Signing & Solo Exhibition
Sat, July 25, 2015 - August 9, 2015
Jul 25, 7:00PM - 10:00PM
210 East Main St, Alhambra CA 91801