Tuesday, December 3, 2019

DesignerCon 2019: Review (Part 2 of 2)

By Eric Harris

DesignerCon 2019 was filled with tons of unique art. We noticed obvious reoccurring themes and trends from the 1980s and early 1990s popular mass consumer media. For those old enough to remember playing Super Mario Bros. on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, DesignerCon was a blast-from-the-past. Eek… some of these “classic” movies and TV series have not aged well. But seriously? Who buys all this Golden Girls stuff? Oh well… thanks for the memories.

E.T. phone home
"The Gloved One" is swole!
Be@rbricks by Medicom Toy Incorporated are always crowd favorites
Hip Hop Trooper
Hanging with the Hip Hop Trooper
Akira VHS art
More Akira
Even more Akira
The Golden Girls bobbleheads

Nice frame

Sneakers were also huge. Someone on the DesignerCon team has a serious footwear fetish. Sneakers, kicks, feet whips, or whatever the cool kids call athletic footwear these days captured the imaginations of many artists.

Check out the UV details!
The legendary Infinity (Shoe) Mirror

Other common themes, such as unicorns, mermaids, tiki-culture, cats, Star Wars, and The Joker, also contributed to the mix and helped round out the show.

Shiny Be@rbricks
Sassycorn! It's a donkey with a strap-on unicorn horn!
Shark x cat
Tiki x cats
Tiki x Star Wars
Tiki x aliens
Custom keyboard caps!
Fantasy Taxidermy
This is made from a real egg

sloth x hermit crab = slermit crab

Gotta melt 'em all!
Jeff Koons is not amused
Jeff Bezos is amused
Jeff Bezos and dogs
Tiny prints view though magnifying glass

Anthony Petrie skateboards
I have really pretty hair.  Just ask the people behind you.
Are you people petting that doll's hair AND taking pictures? Get a room. This isn't Anime Expo.
If you haven’t read part One of our 2019 coverage, check that out here.

Ending strong with a hand-puppet