Monday, August 20, 2012

Oootopia: An Artgebraic Tribute to Adventure Time Part 1: Art

Oootopia's opening was overly ecstatic with fans, artist and fun. Pieces drenched the walls of Nucleus from a large contingent of artists, some from the show, some from regions unknown.

You can check out all the pieces at Nucleus here

Truly the night was only at it's best because of the fans who dressed up and the artists who doodled all over them. Yes, crew from the show and some of the comic book artists came down to sign swords and backpacks and all things adventerous. Artists like Andy Ristaino, Rebecca Sugar, Ian Quarterly, Michelles Xin, David C Smith and Cole Sanchez were drawing on everyone and everything.

The art was a splendid mix of the strange thoughts some people get while watching the show. Of course I love the real crews works the most, but the felt stuff was the best. Who doesn't love a hanging Marceline?

Fans really showed their love by their singing, dancing and wanting of a trivia contest over just having a raffle for prizes.

The only things I ponder is why Pen didn't show, maybe he was just playing video games. What happened to the playable Adventure Time game? It's seems the game backed out or it wasn't finalized, well I guess see it in November.

Want to thank Ben from Nucleus for showing us in and have such great shows.

Here's some of my favorite pieces

                             Can you name them all?
I like the last one, because it got knocked down by a Prince Bubblegum cosplayer.