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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Deadly Games Perfect So Bad It's Good Christmas Horror Movie Finally Online Somewhere

Just in time for Christmas is probably one of our favorite Christmas cringe, horror classics. It's Deadly Games and it's on Shudder and you won't find it anywhere else online or in stores or even through torrenting. It's not even at Cinephile This hard to find Christmas gem is a bonafide 80's horror classic with a killer Santa Claus.

They did show it last year and this year at special showings around LA, but those have already past. And you get only one per year, sheesh. The only way to see this film is to import a international Blu-ray from Germany or get the streaming service Shudder. We suggest Shudder.

So what is Deadly Games aka Dial Code Santa Claus, well, it's a hidden gem actually made in France that said it inspired Home Alone, but legally did not win that actual lawsuit. Without ruining much, it's about a little boy who lives in a mansion/castle who has to protect his home and Grandpa from a homicidal Santa Claus. He comes up with similar traps like Kevin McCallister from Home Alone, but really is more like copying Rambo.

It's pure 80's predictably, yet totally captivating. It feels like you're very own Christmas special as an insane person in a Santa costume hunts down a little boy in his 80's extravagant mansion.

On top of it, you'll see France's early Internet and computer system that existed long before AOL called Minitel, which sort of starts the whole crazy thing off.

It's one of our insta-favorites for the holidays and will instantly become one of yours, see it with friends and be in awe of how crazy it is.

via Bloody Disgusting