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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Power Rangers Stupid Christmas Special 2019

This year's Power Ranger's Beast Morpher's Christmas/ last episode Scrozzle's Revenge has a samurai robot shooting the rangers with a Christmas tree gun, turning them into ornaments. Yup.

For the last couple years the new Power Rangers end their seasons with a Christmas special and they are clip shows...and they are dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb clip shows. The latest Christmas ending episode, which has it's opening theme 7 minutes in, in an episode that's only 22 minutes long, is another Christmas present. As always, a Christmas must to, tolaugh at what contrived story they've come up with to wrap up a kid's show with the most minimal effort of writing.

So, as stated the episode consists of the newest Ranger's ditching their robot friends on Christmas, because they seem to suck, but then being changed into or at least having their souls trapped in ornaments. They call it being "ornamentilized." Then the robots save the day after more clips from past episodes play. The Rangers are un-ornamentilized. And, hey, the Rangers were just trying to surprise their robot slaves friends with a trip to the North Pole with Santa. And Santa is in no mood for small talk. Ending the series on a note of everyone going on Santa's sleigh.

Yup. That's some dumb writing. But it will never beat Power Ranger's Megaforce Robo Knight Before Christmas. Where a very white robot visits Africa for Christmas. Where in Africa? Just Africa. It was on the box he was delivered in. Go Go Power Rangers!