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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Adventure Time Completed: Finn, Jake & Marceline Say Goodbye

By Jonathan Bilski
John DiMaggio, Olivia Olson and Jeremy Shada
"Ohhhh, Simon!," Olivia Olson aka the voice of Marceline swooned as a cosplayer dressed as Simon aka the Ice King went up to her for the signing. Olivia was joined by Finn and Jake voiced by Jeremy Shada and John DiMaggio as Adventure Time fans spent the night at gallery Nucleus in Alhambra. The event was for the upcoming release of the Adventure Time: The Complete Series DVD box set and soundtrack box set. Fans spent there time with the cast getting Adventure time merch signed and getting a special Q & A session with the trio.

During the signing session, John DiMaggio burst out to praise everyone's art work that they brought in to be signed. He was impressed by how many fans had made something for him to see. He gave hugs to fans who asked for them and was impressed by a man's Jake tattoo that wrapped around his arm.

Many fans came out not only to get the new Adventure Time: The Complete Series DVD box set and soundtrack box set due out in the next few weeks, but to see the the cast one more time. And they were insanely happy, with many moments of sheer joy as they asked question after question of the cast. And of course, the cast had to sing songs.

Making bacon pancakes was sung with the crowd and Jake/John was so happy to see someone take out a frying pan with bacon prop, swinging along with the song. Finn/Jeremy sang the Buff Baby song and Marceline/Olivia sang Everything Stays twice. Once alone and once with a fan, a young girl who cried tears of joy after getting to sing along.

On sale were special prints by Matthew Houston, you can snag them on the Nucleus site

And projected on a wall was a special feature both in the box set and online now, a Come Along With Me music video made with the The Art of Elysium organization. Each frame was colored by kid and teen fans, making a very weird video to look at.

All of it was in the background as fans got to ask the cast questions. "You know, I haven't watched the last episode yet, "John told the crowd when asked about his most sincere emotional moment on the show. He could only say how much he cried when he went in for his last recording session for the show and how much Jake the Dog meant to him.

Jeremy Shada said he's working on his own animated projected with his brother and something else, but couldn't give and details. He told the audience his favorite episode was Trouble in Lumpy Space because John and he just got to talk like Lumpy Space Princess as they did again in front of the crowd. And he shared his least favorite moment from the show, which was when the evil deer stood on it's hind legs like a man and revealed he had tiny hands instead of hooves in the episode No One Can Hear You.

When asked what was Jake's favorite child of his litter, John Di Maggio chose Kim Kil Whan. He also shared that the Banana Guards, who he voices, are just a take on creator of Adventure Time Pen Ward voice and style of talking.

The night ended with free Adventure Time goodies being thrownout to the crowd and the trio thanking everyone for coming out.