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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Walking on Water Review: Sink or Swim You've Got To Finish The Walkway, Christo

If you like docs or have to at least see one for college credit, you should sit back and see the work of the artist Christo in Walking on Water. This brand new documentary from  Andrey Paounov transports you to some beautiful views of Europe, specifically Italy’s Lake Iseo. It's there that you see the making of Christo's giant interactive work The Floating Piers, a 2-mile stretch of yellow walkway that lets people walk as if on the ocean. You"ll see Christo's love of art, the making of such a complicated art piece and the problems that come with making something of its scale.

Other than just the beauty of the work itself and the hard work and passion from Christo you'll get some great sections of just how hard it is to pull a project of such a scale together and maintain it when the local government only sees dollar signs instead of public safety.

It's playing a limited run at the Nuarte

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