Thursday, May 30, 2019

Just Buy An External Generator; Pot Shops Don't Power Off

In a really sad and silly way of trying to stop illegal pot shops from operating the LAPD will visit and have the water & power shut-off.  Because the law is so bad on what the police can actually do, this is what the city does to curb these illegal shops. We need to have the law just shut down the businesses entirely.

As this recent LA Times article explains that the people running these pot businesses either just open at a different location or actually buy an external, we assume gas powered, generator.

Black market cannabis shops thrive in L.A. even as city cracks down

It's not till the very end of the article, but:

"Although the utility shutdowns have disrupted some operations, many businesses have also simply reopened after obtaining an external generator. The detective who guessed the White Castle dispensary near Wilmington would be back in business in a week was almost right."