Saturday, May 25, 2019

Hype: Sonic Moves, Nichijou, Rim of the World & Gamer Stuff

-The Sonic Movie has been pushed back three months to Valentine's Day in 2020. This will give animators more time to fix the look of the hog. But even better rumored news is long time fav Sonic cartoonist/artist Tyson Hesse is working on the Sonic Movie. Now he hasn't come out and said it, but was asked online after the new art came up of a sonic hand holding up a sign with the new date of the film. The art looks like his work and when asked online, he put up a photo of Tony Stark, who revealed he was Iron Man in the first movie. Here's hoping he really is helping on the movie, because they need it.

-City of Ghosts, is a new cartoon series from Elizabeth Ito heading to Netflix. She worked on Adventure Time and (I actually own art from her) that pretty good cred. It's suppose to be a hybrid cartoon, doc series about essentially ghosts and there stories. via THR

 -Nichijou is finally getting a dub. It's a slice of life anime on school girls where everything seems to start off normal then takes a sudden trip into the strange. We're talking robot girls, talking cats and dogs that can sense when someone really screws up. The animation was also highly impressive and made us laugh out loud with it's strange plots. This was one of our favorite animes that should have been dubbed years ago, but a problem where the company that was going to license in North America died. Funimation has finally picked it up...and though we wish it wasn't the same five people from Texas it's good to hear it finally in English. It's out on Blu-Ray/Streaming July 23.

-Rim of the World just hit Netflix, some campers have to save the world by traveling through LA. It's pretty bad, McG did a much better job with The Babysitter. Also, for a movie taking place in LA, it still feels like it was shot mostly in Canada. Strangely, it was shot in the California.

-We don't really care that much for Game Grump, but nice shirt.

-Mario Masquerade $15.00
You know we love Jackbox up in here.