Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Does Anyone Care About Dark Phoenix? I Don't

By Jonathan Bilski

Dark Phoenix is coming out this weekend and do you care? I sure don't. Other than the Chinese poster for the film, nothing about it has drawn me to see it while in theaters. I'll wait until it hits streaming, like so many others. I look forward to the franchise as we know it dying and being reborn, like the magical bird stolen from the Harry Potter films that this movie is named after.

I guess...I'm just hoping Marvel Studios can restart the series and get rid of it's messed up time-line and mediocre actors. And I mean the new cast.

Tracking the movie, it's suppose to have the lowest-opening weekend in the franchise and even lose to The Secret Life of Pets 2. via /Film That's pathetic. Let's try and make it even lower.

Disney will get the message if you don't see it. So instead, go see Godzilla: King of Monsters. Sure, the human cast in it doesn't look that impressive and seems to be a stereotypical bunch of people you don't care about, but, hey, they're all probably gonna die...eaten or stomped on. Most of those actors are poorly cast for a movie about a giant radioactive dinosaur beating up three-headed dragon that shoots lightning out its mouths.

Reviews of the current Godzilla film have been saying the movie spends too much time on the monsters instead of the humans, to which I say, "Sweet!"

Think about how much I cared writing about Dark Phoenix that I'm telling you to see Godzilla instead. That's how much I care for what looks like a movie you might want to watch on your phone on the toilet.