Monday, May 6, 2019

Fox 11's Stupid Segment On Video Game Addiction

Poorly named video-Therapists scramble to determine best treatment for video game addiction

First off, you suck and should never work in this town again Editor Mark DeFalcor. That was some of the worst editing for a segment we've ever seen. Fire him Fox 11, you can hire someone fresh out of high school who could do better than him.

Is Fox 11 News at 10pm for the elderly? We thought they'd be sleeping, because Fox 11 sure as Hell isn't going after anyone under 60. We write that, because this stupid feature took time to explain the concept of Twitch and people making money off of a being a streamer. In a segment that really didn't know what it was going for on "video game addiction", which in no way has been proven to be a real problem, we see clips of consoles taking a beating by parents.

Instead of showing footage of you know, a fat kid alone in a room playing a game; that makes pretty boring television, so they went for parents wacking consoles.

Sources other than the Mom "therapist" in the video aren't named, because there aren't any.

Anyway, it's like watching that episode of Law & Order: SVU where the cops don't understand how video games work. Really, any episode of them trying to understand the Internet or technology.

Here's a short video disproving everything in Fox 11's awful segment.