Friday, May 3, 2019

Hype: Lupin the Third: Part 5 Toonami, AT Soundtrack Box Set, Funimation 25 & This Art Club Has a Problem!

-Toonami is getting the latest Lupin series from Japan, Lupin the Third: Part 5. It's on the line-up June 15th. It doesn't really continue from the last series, but does make mention of it in at least two episdoes. It has Lupin showing why he can still hold up in a world filled with social media and way too much info on the Internet. Hopefully, the theme song isn't destroyed like the last series. The opening theme was just a millions time better in the original Japanese release for the last Lupin series.

 -Funimation Celebrates 25 Years Together. Has it really been that long? They've got some special events planned, check their mini-site for any special news. Right now, they have some special Sliver Chrome Funko Pops coming out.

 -Maiden Japan Snaps up “This Art Club Has a Problem!

Synopsis:A totally ordinary art club at the totally ordinary Tsukimori Middle School. There, Subaru Uchimaki squanders his artistic talent on his true passion and life's mission: drawing the ideal "2D wife." Club member Mizuki Usami finds herself with a crush on the hopeless Uchimaki. The seemingly uninterested club president is always sleeping, but he keeps a close eye on Uchimaki and Usami's antics. Then there's the mysterious Colette, who's usually lost in her own little world. When this ragtag bunch gathers together as the Art Club, there's sure to be some problems...

Look for it via streaming services and a home release.

-ADVENTURE TIME - The Complete Series Soundtrack Box Set is up for pre-order from Mondo, Wed, May 1. Featuring over 200 songs spread across 4X Colored Vinyl LPs, 1X CD and 1X Cassette. Artwork by JJ Harrison. NOTE: This item is a pre-order. All orders containing this item will not ship until June 2019. Ships Worldwide. $75

" Sing along with fan-favorite tracks including "Bacon Pancakes," "My Best Friends in the World," “Island Song (Come Along With Me)” and so many more! This multi-format physical box set is presented on 3X 12-inch LPs, 1X 10-inch LP, a CD and Cassette featuring 15 song demos exclusive to this limited-edition set."