Thursday, May 30, 2019

Movie Hype: Parasite, Jay Myself, The Amazing Johnathan Documentary & Deep Murder

 By Jonathan Bilski

I've got dates and trailers for some of my top picks of movies coming out. More of the indpednet variety. Yeah, were for Godzilla 2, but check these out later this year.

-First up from every artsy and indie blog site saying the loved it is Parasite; this won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and will be heading to LA this October 16th, with a wider release later. Neon snagged the rights for Bong Joon-Ho’s story about two Korean families, one rich and one street smart in a messed-up parasitical relationship.

-The Amazing Johnathan Documentary will magically appear on Hulu and select theaters August 16th. This doc covers one of my favorite comedians back when Comedy Central gave people specials to watch. He is a mean and insanely angry Vegas magician and he made me laugh with his violence and comedy. Other than go over his life we learn about how he was diagnosed to die with one year to live, but somehow keeps the magic alive and continues his act.

-Jay Myself will also open in LA August 16th. This doc goes over photographer Jay Maisel having to move out of his home. His home happens to be a 6-story building in New York City filled with not only his photographs, but huge collections and oddities. How does someone fill up such a place? We'll find out, hopefully with a lot of backstories on his giant collections.
-Lastly, a new horror comedy that was, I believe at the LA Film Festival, Deep Murder. Yup, it's  making fun of Deep Throat. The movie sets itself as a soft porno with a serial killer, it's the premise, but the movie also plays itself as though everyone in it is still in a soft porno. A nice ensemble cast of people ready to die for their craft. It's gonna be out for Streaming June 14th with a limited release in theaters.