Friday, May 10, 2019

Tiny Beans Kitten Lounge Not Open For Mother's Day

Barcade wasn't open on Cinco De Mayo and the Kitten Cafe isn't open this Mother's Day weekend, people don't look at calendars when planning openings. From the fine folks over at the CatCafe Lounge, you remember them, here's our write-up, is having a pop-up for the influx of kittens in the LA area. Titled Tiny Beans Kitten Lounge, you"ll be able to play with tons of tiny kittens.

Tiny Beans Kitten Lounge
Opens May 18th
Open daily from 11a-8p, except Tuesday
Open for 3 months
551 S. Spring St. 
$25 per hour.
*Minimum age for the Kitten Lounge is 7 years old.

Now heads up, this is at a different location than the CatCafe, this is a real pop-up that's downtown.

As of writing this, you can't reserve times yet unless you get the more expensive opening weekend pass or guaranteed access pass. General times will open up later. And this is for a non-profit to give cats homes, so all the money is going to a good place.