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Friday, May 3, 2019

Carole & Tuesday: New Anime You'll Want The Soundtrack To

By Jonathan Bilski

Going in I had no idea that Carole & Tuesday was from Studios Bones and had ShinichirĊ Watanabe, the guy who created Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo and Space Dandy as supervising director. We get the story of two young girls trying to make it in the music biz on Mars in the year 2049. And, it's simply the best anime out this season.

It captures the love of Watanabe other works with both silly stories and great side characters all well blending in music. And for some reason all the songs so far have been in English, even though the characters speak Japanese.

*Now hold up, because it's only out on Netflix Japan, but it"ll eventually find it's way stateside.

From the start, I was just in awe of this anime's take on the future. The main focus of the show is the budding friendship, hardships and music that the two female leads Carole, street smarts and Tuesday, blonde bubbly runaway rich girl, have to face on their way to make it to stardom. But, I can't get enough of the background tech with other little details.

Here's just a few nods from the episodes that have come out so far.

Episode 1
- The girl's use Instagram. Yes, Instagram is still around in 2049 and it's a real Instagram account, check it out here. It follows up with episodes. Here's a separate Instagram that goes over the musical talent and the inner workings of the show.
-Suitcases in the future can climb downstairs and follows you via electronic wheels, only problem is you got to keep them charged.
- Digital menus embedded in tables. The tech has been a dream for years with a few attempts at it floating around for a long time now, but we still don't have it at the local McDonald's.
-1st part-time job for Carole, working at a Wack Donald's.
-Durian soda/fruit drink is what's in style on Mars.

Episode 2
-2nd part-time job for Carole, funeral faker. She's not so good at morning the dead.
-Carole loves Timberlands and so do I.

Episode 3
- Fresh tomato sauce for group's pizzas is made from tomatoes grown on roof of pizza parlor.
-Banksy joke

Episode 4
-Drone delivery
- Bender lite, people have pet AI robots and the one introduced here runs on bio-fuel or beer.
- Meta, Space Dandy joke
-Number of homages  to old music videos.

 I'll give you the details when it becomes available, hopefully soon in the USA.