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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Empowered 11 Out In September

Adam Warren's take on the super hero genre will finally ends some arcs that have been going on for years this September with Empowered #11 finally drops. The sexy and funny series that takes jibes as the whole super hero system has been around for a while.

The tweet above says Warren will be wrapping up some story lines which could mean Mindf**k's messed up brother finally showing up and the villain Willy Pete, whose been literally skull-f*%king people to death could be fighting are blond, sometimes almost naked heroine. Warren says we'll get a twelfth book some time after that.

For long time fans there is a worry over Ninjette's fate as Empowered from what seemed like the future was surprised and sad to see her alive. Who knows what will happen next?