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Friday, May 18, 2018

ThunderCats Roar Creator Victor Courtright's Hairstyle Is Dumb

I don't know if no one can just tell him out of fear that it has something to do with his sexuality, but even if it were that, that hairstyle is still dumb.

Because Warner Bros Animation and Sam Register who works there have to keep doing it, they're re-re-doing ThunderCats again. ThunderCats was attempted as a reboot a few years back and well it looked amazing, but it didn't have immediate great toy sales so it was one of the rumors as why it ended. This new version, ThunderCats Roar looks like a good mix of indie fun for both adults and kids. It won't be out until 2019.

However, that still doesn't stop how much everyone should pick on ThunderCats Roar creator Victor Courtright for putting a scrunchie in his hair when he's a grown man.

I don't know what sex he goes by, but it doesn't matter when it still makes you look like an adult male who wants to dress his hair like he's in pre-school. It's not a man bun.

I'm gonna assume his mom's dead or he's dead to her, because she would never want to see her son looking like that.

And if you watch the video below, the camera is trying to hide the fact he has the scrunchie.